Road to Nowhere

2011 French Red Wine

In the pastoral south of France lies quietly nestled the region known as Saint-Chinian, taking its name from a Benedictine monk. Now that Brother could really fête! With two flowing rivers and a heck of a lot of hectares of gleaming grapes traversing the hillsides, Saint-Chinian is the idyllic home of Fat Louis.

An ancient Roman road called Via Domitia connects Spain to Italy right through Fat Louis’ backyard. With guests from the mythical Hercules to the hot-headed Hannibal just passing through, you learn to be pretty hospitable. So whether you’re a Punic Carthaginian marching off to conquer your neighbor or are peacefully grilling some fish together in flip flops, take Fat Louis’ lead — sit back, uncork a bottle and enjoy a Road to Nowhere.


Deep Red Color; strong bouquet of toast and spices; has a round and balanced texture with a fresh flavor or berries and jam.

Grape Varietals

100% cabernet sauvignon

Gastronomic Companion

red and white meats and soft cheeses


traditional maceration of 15 days


stainless-steel vats thermostatically regulated

Alcohol Content



Chalky clay with a mix of shingles

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